Ariterm Pellet Stoves

An exciting range of products from traditional to modern with soft lines, that is the Ariterm pellet stove range. From an elliptic glass door to the vertical hot air outlet, the Neptuni has unique appearance and it is available in five different colours from quiet white to hot red. Perhaps a classic cast iron stove with soap stone is more in keeping for your property, the Ariterm range has a pellet stove for all positions and style choice.

Like the other stoves, the Neptuni is developed to be a feature-heating source; It can be connected to a conventional chimney or to a standard flue solution.

With the built in pellet store and easy ash removal system the Ariterm pellet stove range is a great alternative to a log boiler. Room thermostatic control and timed programmable operations give the flexibility for pre set operating times and temperatures.

Ariterm Pellet Stove Range


Ariterm Mysinge

A traditional stove made of cast iron and with a large glass door to show the fire light. The optional top and side panels of natural stones will give your stove a personal touch.

These stoves are can be used as a primary heat source, and provide a high level of efficiency, in combination with automatic operation.

Refilling pellets is from above by sliding the top forwards to access the hopper. The capacious hopper enables the stove, in a normal family house, to burn for 1-2 days before having to be refilled.

  • Output: 3-6kW
  • Heating Efficiency: Approx 93%
  • Hopper: 38 litres
  • Burning Time: 18-14 hours
  • Mains Connection Weight: approx 138kg
  • Colour: Black high temp varnish
  • Stone Panels option: Top & side panels. Several types of natural stone


Ariterm Ekerum

A perfect combination of firelight Scandinavian design.

Ekerum is a modern stove with pure style. Five different colours in combination with the classic design makes Ekerum a flexible piece of furniture for each home. The stove is a perfect complement to your current heating system. The stove is designed for simple connection to a present or new chimney. Ekerum can also be connected without a conventional chimney.

A high level of efficiency, in combination with automatic operation, means that the stove can be a great feature in any situation.

  • Output: 3.5-6kW
  • Heating Efficiency: Approx 93%
  • Hopper: 38 litres
  • Burning Time: 18-40 hours
  • Mains Connection: 230 V
  • Weight: 100-125 kg
  • Sound Level: ≤45 dB


Ariterm Neptuni

The KMP stoves are P-marked and their fans and patented fuel-feeding system make them the quietest pellet stoves on the market. The Neptuni is designed to work as a primary heat source. A high level of efficiency, in combination with automatic operation.

The Neptuni can be installed without a traditional chimney if your home does not have one. The solution that makes this possible is called KMP Drag, which is a patent-pending fan controlled flue gas duct that goes straight out through the wall. Even connection to a traditional chimney, new or old, is extremely easy as only one operation is needed for upward or rear connection.


Ariterm Lilla Fro

Our new model Lilla Fro despite its small weight and dimensions a really gown-up stove with a large hopper, which gives long burning times and with the same high heating efficiency as other Ariterm stoves.

The neat design and small footprint make Lilla Fro suitable for most home environments. The top and the sides are satin black and the front is of stainless steel.

Lilla Fro is an easily operated and value for money alternative, which gives reliable heat and cozy fire comfort in holiday cottages and small private houses.

  • Output: 2-5kW
  • Heating Efficiency: Approx 93%
  • Hopper: 40 litres
  • Burning Time: 24-50 hours
  • Mains Connection: 230 V
  • Exhaust pipe diam: 76 mm
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Sound Level: ≤45 dB