Event Catering

With the development of our mobile catering service above has seen some exciting meetings and developed partnerships with like minded companies where by joining forces and developing new ideas is leading to some truly exciting projects, with their combined experience in the catering and commercial function operations and our solutions to one off pop up & stadium events required by this new industry, we are looking at developing a more complete event’s solution for you, this year sees a role out at stadium events with our partners where behind the scenes we are providing them with a solution never seen before off grid to drive them forward in delivering the best event possible.

Now the client is in charge we can provided you with all of the equipment to visualize your event, no power not a problem, no water not a problem, no waste solution again not a problem we look to give you an off grid solution while managing all off these problems, some of our solutions are now under patenting because we have overcome it because you asked us to provide it, come speak to us if you do not believe us bring a towel and your costume as you can have the best inside shower fully portable outside at 8ltrs a minute & fully private, trialed in 2015 at Glastonbury for the bar staff…Generators no, again we are looking at this in a different way generators are noisy units and run out of fuel.