Commercial Business 400KW Pellet Boilers.

Customer requirements:

To heat 54,000-sq./ft. factories and claim the commercial RHI payments, correct the installation installed by a previous company.










IMG_0445Planned work:

After a full site survey a number of problems were identified which required to be corrected to gain the commercial RHI.

A plan of works was decided upon with the client, alongside our commercial electrical team, the heat meters were exchanged for the correct items, the boilers were set up correctly and the system commissioned.  The electrical team got to work and rewired the seven heat exchangers to work independently, controlling the factory’s heating system correctly.

The boilers work an autonomous operation whenever there is a call for energy from the 4x 2500LTR thermal store tanks if falling below a set temperature, running automatic cleaning cycles and emptying ash into an ash box automatically at the boilers pre-set intervals.

Commercial RHI payments:

The whole building and system was assessed with all the new drawings and certificates these were given to our partner commercial RHI application team, the commercial RHI is now being paid quarterly to our client.


Boiler size: 2 x 200kw

Buffer size: 4 x 2250 LTRS

IMG_1808Installed: 2013

Boiler make; ETA Hack

Fuel: pellets

Fuel replaced: gas


Domestic Ariterm 20KW Pellet Boiler.


20 kw Ariterm pellet boiler light

Customer requirements: Change to a greener form of heating and replace an inefficient and antiquated heating system with emersion hot water system, with a new pellet boiler with standalone pellet hopper and gain the domestic RHI payments.


Installation: Customer selected an Ariterm 20kw pellet boiler light without a buffer tank using standard heating controls for the property and integrating the boilers own controls, adjacent positioned plant room supplying hot water to the property via an in boiler plate hear exchanger, heating circuits supplied direct from the boiler as the space for a thermal store was not available.



Looking forward: The client was one of the first applicants to the new domestic RHI tariff and has successfully gained the new domestic RHI shortly after the installation the and is now receiving their payments quarterly ( July 2014 ). The client is now making projected savings on fossil fuel bills of £1200 per annum ( November 2014 ),We provided the client with all the required paperwork & green deal assessment to complete the application in a timely manner, we are providing onward support in the form of an annual breakdown and service package by our Ariterm trained engineers at Ariterm Sweden’s training facilities.


Project Breakdown:

Boiler size: 20KW

Boiler make: Ariterm Light

Installed: Spring 2014

Installation type: Domestic

Fuel: Pellet

Fuel replaced: oil with electric emersion hot water.


Comercial Log Boiler

Herefordshire Commercial Log Boiler Complete Heating Solution.


200KW Log Boiler

200KW Log Boiler

Customer requirements: Remove inefficient oil boilers and convert all of the following to run from a central plant room from one large log boiler, a commercial shop outlet, business office premises, large farmhouse and future installations and to claim the commercial RHI payment on completion.

 Planned work: A plan of works was decided upon with the client, alongside the clients commercial electrical team and clients chosen commercial log boiler installer supplying company. The new heating system was installed into the commercial shop premises to supply blown warm air, the farmhouse was converted and the old oil boiler removed. A large plate heat exchanger was installed to satisfy both hot water and heating circuits, the office was given the same treatment and the oil boiler decommissioned. A pre insulated underground heating main was installed over 200 meters back to a separate plant room, heat meters were finally installed to comply with the commercial RHI scheme.
  Commercial RHI payments: The whole complex and system was assessed with all drawings and heat meter certificates, these were given to our partner commercial RHI application team for summation to the RHI application team and is now awaiting approval.  



Boiler size: 1 x 200kw Log boiler.

Buffer size: 5000 LTRS.

Installed: Summer 2014.

Fuel: Logs.

Fuel replaced: Oil & electricity.

Underground Main thermally Insulated

Underground Main Thermally Insulated.

180 Meters Of Underground thermally Insulated PIPE

180 Meters Of Underground Thermally Insulated PIPE

Domestic Ariterm Boiler 20KW

 Ariterm 20 KW Domestic Pellet Boiler.


20 KW Ariterm Boiler With Thermal Store & Hopper

20 KW Ariterm Boiler With Thermal Store & Hopper

Customer requirements; Install an energy efficient biomass boiler to replace electrical heating and hot water in a remote position with underground main to gain the domestic RHI.
Ariterm 2OKW Domestic Installation

Ariterm 20 KW Domestic Installation



System upgrade carried out; With the clients building complete the biomass boiler and thermal store were placed remotely with a seven day pellet store, the system is fully controlled and modulates automatically via the Ariterm pellet boiler to maintain the thermal stores temperature, an underground main was installed under a driveway to provide heating and hot water to the property controlled by the clients heating controls in the standard way  via a plate heat exchanger.



Domestic RHI payments. The whole building and system was assessed with drawings and green deal certificates carried out by our company these were given to the client, the domestic RHI is now being received  this year under the legacy scheme and paid quarterly to our client as of  October 2014.





Bristol Commercial Installation


Bristol Commercial Property Multi Property District Main Installation.

Undergroud main Bristol

Underground Main Bristol

Customer requirements; To produce an installation to service the main farm house and four rented properties at the farm, to deliver a complete turn key solution was required including changing over the properties from oil to heated hot water & heating system from a central biomass plant room via an underground heated main whilst gaining the commercial RHI for the installation. The client choose the Austrian ETA Hack wood chip boiler to be installed.
Plant Room Build

Plant Room Build


System upgrades;  A plan of works was decided upon with the client, alongside the clients local ground working company. First part of the installation while the plant room was being constructed we set to work installing 200 meters of underground insulated pipe work in various sizes to each property from the plant room, once the plant room was constructed the plant room and wood chip delivery store were mechanically completed complemented buy a bio man control control system to allow for a fully automated system with a single back up oil boiler. The system now provides both heating and hot water by means of our bespoke built control panels, controlled from a standard domestic heating controller in each property in a highly efficient way. The ETA hack boiler runs automatically with pre programmed cleaning cycles and emptying ash into an ash box automatically at pre-set intervals.


Plant Room Construction

Plant Room Construction




Commercial RHI payments; The whole building and system was assessed with all the new drawings and certificates these were given to our partner commercial RHI application team, the commercial RHI is now being received and the client is now looking forward to receiving quarterly  payments from the commercial RHI.

130 KW ETA Hack wood chip boiler.

Boiler size; 130KW.

Boiler make; ETA Hack.

Fuel; wood chip.

Buffer size; 1 x 5000 LTRS.

Installed; 2014.

Fuel replaced; oil.

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