Powerful & Reliable

Effective heating with biomass

Biomass boilers & wood stoves both offer excellent heating performance for small to large properties. Biomass boilers can offer the same level of heat output as fossil fuel boilers using gas or oil.Wood biomass boilers can be used to heat large buildings such as schools, business offices and even whole communities with a remote district boiler house. The use of biomass boilers in schools and businesses is becoming more and more popular due to the low costs and high output of energy often allowing two or more large buildings to be supplied with hot water from one boiler.

Biomass boilers are also proven to be equally as reliable as gas or oil alternatives. With complete automatic operation and cleaning, biomass boilers don’t require much user input if any at all. As with any heating appliance safety is of upmost importance. Biomass boilers are particularly safe with built in extinguisher, back burning protection and automatic ash removal.

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