Environmental Benefits

Biomass has become the best choice for those who consider the impact of their actions on nature. Wood is stored solar energy and when heating with wood the same amount of C02 is released that the tree removed from the atmosphere when growing, therefore heating with wood biomass is at one with nature. On the other hand, using fossil fuels such as oil and gas releases C02 reserves into the atmosphere which were formed millions of years ago, this C02 is one of the causes of the greenhouse effect on our planet.

As displayed in the illustration to the right, when burning wood, just as when it rots it releases the exact amount of C02 it takes in while growing. This maintains a closed C02 cycle with no rise in C02 levels in the atmosphere. Wood biomass is often referred to as C02 neutral. As also mentioned on the biomass home section there are many other reasons as to why wood is a more ecologically sound choice for heating.
Here are some:

  • Short transport routes
  • Independent and reliable suppliers
  • Safe storage and unhazardous transport
  • Employment and commerce in countryside areas
  • Harvesting and preparation requires little energy

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

With the government pushing renewable energy to meet our target of C02 reductions, wood biomass is the perfect example of renewable heating. With the Renewable Heat Incentive, the government will pay you a fixed amount per year if you install renewable heating equipment. Payments will be made either on the amount of heat produced or on the amount it is anticipated the installation will provide.