Wood Waste

Biomass waste wood fuel

Enormous quantities of waste wood are sent to land fill each year, and many industries that produce allot of wood waste pay to have it removed, wasting money that could be saved and put to better use.Many companies produce wood that can be burnt to heat large areas such a workshops, factories and warehouses. Heating with waste wood is a very cheap and efficient method of heating large commercial areas, wood burning heaters such as Fabbri heaters can output huge levels of energy from 28 to 407 KW.

Not only are wood waste burners cheap and effective they are also very C02 friendly reducing your carbon footprint.

Waste wood space heaters are designed to consume any size or mixture of wood waste and once installed can provide (free) hot air via top mounted outlet ducts.

Space heaters are designed to be operated with minimum maintenance and long operational life. Space heaters can also double as cold air ventilation during summer, space heaters require manual fuelling and attention which is a simple as adding more waste wood.

Commercial biomass wood waste space heaters

Below is an example of a Fabbri commercial space heater installed in a warehouse.

Fabbri Commercial space heater installed in warehouse