Wood Chip

Biomass wood chips

Wood chip biomass is very similar to wood pellets, the boiler function is very similar to wood pellet boilers. Modern wood chip boilers are highly efficient, clean burning and just like pellet boilers they are fully automatic.

Wood chip boilers are often suited better for large domestic and commercial properties, some models designed for wood chips can also burn pellets. However boilers designed to burn pellets can’t usually burn wood chip biomass fuel.

There are a number of wood chip biomass boilers available but all share the same basic features of a boiler, chip storage facility and fuel feed.

Wood chips are made from whole tree branch wood or coppice products which have been mechanically chipped. Wood for chipping ideally needs to be air-dried before chipping or chipped then allowed to dry. Wood chips are delivered into a local bunker close to the boiler, the wood chips will be augured into the boiler as needed which maintains a constant fuel supply.

The transportation of wood chip poses no threat to the environment and is often a local operation. Heating with wood chips is ecologically responsible, as it has a virtually closed C02 cycle.

Wood chip boiler and fuel feeds

Below is an example of a wood chip biomass boiler with a flexi-blade agitating head along with a auger which transports the wood chip fuel to the biomass boiler from the fuel storage bunker.

Wood chip biomass boiler and feed system