biomass wood pellets
Wood pellets offer a similar level of control as oil and gas heating appliances, making them an attractive choice for many. Unlike logs, wood pellets can burn quickly allowing the boiler to be switched on and off quickly. Pellet boilers use intelligent pellet transfer systems allowing them to control the supply of fuel from the fuel storage area, effectively and as needed.

Domestic pellet burning boilers

Wood pellet boilers work very much like fossil fuel boilers, when heat is required they will automatically ignite, feed fuel, self clean and switch off when not required. Pellet boilers are now an excellent alternative to traditional oil, propane and natural gas boilers.

Allot of systems can be retrofitted with a wood pellet boiler, either as a standalone heat source or as a primary heat source in conjunction with another boiler.
Pellets are very low cost, C02 neutral fuel from a renewable source, typically wood pellets are produced locally within the UK from compressed sawdust. Pellets are small, dry, uniform and energy dense.

Pellets can be purchased in small 20KG bags for ease of handling and convenience. Pellets can be bulk delivered and stored in the most simple and clean manner. Larger boilers can be vacuum fed from a separate store.

Commercial pellet burning boilers

Pellets can also be used in much larger installations such as schools and businesses. Biomass boilers are often fitted with a lambda combustion control to allow constant heat performance, vertical self cleaning heat exchange surfaces and built in safety features such as rotary feed sluice.

For large fuel storage areas pellets can be bulk delivered and blown directly into a silo or bunker for local storage. Then transferred by vacuum or auger fed automatically as energy is required. The intelligent feeding systems will only transport the right quantity of pellets to the combustion chamber.

An example of a biomass boiler house using pellets

biomass pellet boiler house