Biomass fuel logs

Using modern log boilers, logs can provide clean and efficient heating, which needs to be fuelled by hand only once or twice each day. Log boilers operate at high efficiency and have large fuelling chambers. Log boiler systems are applicable to all domestic sized properties and smaller commercial applications.

Log boilers become less practical if the system design requires regular refuelling, a correctly sized log boiler in average winter conditions will be ignited and fuelled once per day. In colder periods a second operation may be required.

When choosing a log boiler it is the size of the fuelling chamber not the output in KW that is the most dominating factor in choosing the correct boiler. At SP Heating Services we will help chose the correct boiler for your needs.

During combustion more energy will be produced than is required at that time, this excess heated water is transferred to a accumulator, this heated water can be stored for long periods of time until it is used for heating or hot water requirements.

Wood burning boilers, in common with all wood biomass fuels burn most efficiently and cleanly when burned hot and fast.

Log Biomass Boilers

Below is an example of a log biomass boiler.

Wood Log biomass boiler