Fuel Storage

Biomass fuel storage types

Wood biomass has many advantages over fossil fuel but due to the nature of the fuel used wood biomass boilers often require large fuel storage bunkers. However not all wood biomass boilers require large storage areas. Some biomass boilers such as the ETA and Ariterm boilers can be hand fed wood biomass fuel such as pellets in easy to handle 20KG sacks.

Designing and fitting a storage area with a fuel feed can be a stress free task with our expert help and support. Biomass boilers and storage bunkers can be retrofitted in many properties in areas such as garages, cellars and even in specialised sheds.

Choosing the correct fuel for your requirements is the most important factor when deciding the most suitable biomass solution. The fuel type will determine the type of storage bunker you need (if any).

SP Heating Services will help you through every step making sure you have the correct fuel/storage and delivery system for your property and heating demand.



ETA boilers are available with the feed module fitted on the left or right. The connection point between the delivery system and the boiler is only fixed in place during on-site installation. This means that the ETA boilers can be integrated into nearly every building.
HDG feed module

Automatic auger transfer

With an auger transfer feed system pellets are stored in a large bunker local to the boiler. The pellets are fed directly from the bunker to the boiler as required. The illustration below demonstrates how a storage area with an auger transfer system looks.

Automatic auger transfer biomass feed