Domestic installation

Wood biomass is becoming more and more popular in domestic applications, with wood biomass being virtually C02 neutral and costs being more attractive than fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

Biomass boilers and fuel bunkers can be planned and designed to fit to your needs and your type of property. There are many possibilities for fuel storage and delivery, SP Heating Services offer various options which you can use to plan and implement the best solution.

Which storage type is suitable for which fuel, what is the simplest method of fuel delivery, how is the fuel to be transported to the boiler, what is the best location to install the boiler? We have experts ready to answer all these questions for you. From separate bunker building, pellet bunker in cellars, remote bunkers to silo feeding systems, no two installations are the same. At SP Heating Services we use our years of knowledge and expertise to help implement the best solution for you.

Planning the best solution for you

SP Heating Services will help plan and design the best solution for you, please contact us so a member of our team can help you in more detail.