Cost effective heating

With fossil fuel energy becoming increasingly expensive, and showing no sign of becoming cheaper, their supplies becoming unpredictable just as the price, the situation with fossil fuels is not set to improve in the medium term. Compared to fossil fuels, wood has remained at a stable price for the last 10 years and looks set to continue to do so.

The graph to the right reflects the price of wood fuel compared to fossil fuels and electricity. It shows Biomass fuel can provide great energy savings and cost-effective heating.


Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Biomass is a renewable heating source so you may be eligible for the renewable heat incentive scheme introduced by the government. With the renewable heat incentive, the government will pay you a fixed amount per year if you install renewable heating equipment. Payments are made Quarterly on the amount of metered heat used, and must be installed by a registered competent qualified company otherwise payments will not be made.

Installation Grants?

Grants are available from the government which we are able to access for you on your behalf. Contact a member of the SP Heating Services team to find out more about grants, installation costs, procedures and how a wood biomass system can be fitted in your property.