Commercial installation

Commercial Biomass Installation

Heating with wood biomass is a great way of saving money and reducing your businesses carbon foot print, with my different wood biomass solutions available the correct on for your business depends on your specific requirements and size of your property.

Wood biomass can give huge outputs of energy, enough to heat more than one commercial premises from a remote boiler house. Wood chip and wood pellets are a great choice of fuel for commercial biomass boilers, but many warehouses and factories use waste wood with a space heater such as Fabbri wood burners.

Energen Engineering can help you find the correct wood biomass solution for your business and consult you on how best to install and integrate the fuel bunker and boiler. Contact a member of our team to discuss your needs, click here to contact us.

Below is an example of a typical commercial biomass boiler house and fuel bunker.

Boilder installation