ETA Boilers

Wood-burning central heating systems utilize local, sustainable sources of energy, thus fitting into the natural carbon cycle. The combustion of wood produces carbon dioxide and water vapour. With energy from the sun, carbon dioxide and water are essential to the growth of new wood.In contrast to oil, gas and coal, wood burns without releasing carbon from underground deposits into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, so energy from wood does not cause climate change.
Those who choose this environmentally friendly form of heating are not only acting in the common interest but also receiving public funding. A number of development programs for private households, agricultural operations and businesses support your decision to use locally produced sustainable fuels.

ETA Boiler Range

ETA Pellet boiler - ETA PE - K

ETA Pellet boiler - ETA PE - K

Pellet Heating for Domestic & Commercial Use

  • Complete control and remote maintenance
  • Active Control for reliable operation
  • Remote control via internet
  • Intelligent for multiple buildings
  • Pellets and wood chips
  • Automatic ash removal
ETA Log Wood Boiler - ETA SH

ETA Log Wood Boiler - ETA SH

The log wood boiler with optimum fuel efficiency for Domestic & Commercial use

  • Wood gasification
  • Large supply of wood in the fuel chamber
  • No electrical ignition
  • Optimal fuel utilisation with lambda control
  • Turbulent heat exchanger with simple cleaning
  • Induced draught keeps flue gas in boiler
  • Easy ash removal
ETA Wood Chip Boiler - ETA HACK 20 - 200 KW

ETA Wood Chip Boiler - ETA HACK 20 - 200 KW

ETA Hack system operates with high efficiency and low efficiency for Domestic & Commercial use

  • Automatic fuel recognition with lambda probe
  • No blockages
  • Automatic complete ash removal
  • Combustion pauses with minimal heat loss
  • Fits all chimneys
  • Intelligent to fit multiple buildings
  • Remote control via the internet