Domestic Ariterm 20KW Pellet Boiler.


20 kw Ariterm pellet boiler light

Customer requirements: Change to a greener form of heating and replace an inefficient and antiquated heating system with emersion hot water system, with a new pellet boiler with standalone pellet hopper and gain the domestic RHI payments.


Installation: Customer selected an Ariterm 20kw pellet boiler light without a buffer tank using standard heating controls for the property and integrating the boilers own controls, adjacent positioned plant room supplying hot water to the property via an in boiler plate hear exchanger, heating circuits supplied direct from the boiler as the space for a thermal store was not available.



Looking forward: The client was one of the first applicants to the new domestic RHI tariff and has successfully gained the new domestic RHI shortly after the installation the and is now receiving their payments quarterly ( July 2014 ). The client is now making projected savings on fossil fuel bills of £1200 per annum ( November 2014 ),We provided the client with all the required paperwork & green deal assessment to complete the application in a timely manner, we are providing onward support in the form of an annual breakdown and service package by our Ariterm trained engineers at Ariterm Sweden’s training facilities.


Project Breakdown:

Boiler size: 20KW

Boiler make: Ariterm Light

Installed: Spring 2014

Installation type: Domestic

Fuel: Pellet

Fuel replaced: oil with electric emersion hot water.


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