Commercial Business 400KW Pellet Boilers.

Customer requirements:

To heat 54,000-sq./ft. factories and claim the commercial RHI payments, correct the installation installed by a previous company.










IMG_0445Planned work:

After a full site survey a number of problems were identified which required to be corrected to gain the commercial RHI.

A plan of works was decided upon with the client, alongside our commercial electrical team, the heat meters were exchanged for the correct items, the boilers were set up correctly and the system commissioned.  The electrical team got to work and rewired the seven heat exchangers to work independently, controlling the factory’s heating system correctly.

The boilers work an autonomous operation whenever there is a call for energy from the 4x 2500LTR thermal store tanks if falling below a set temperature, running automatic cleaning cycles and emptying ash into an ash box automatically at the boilers pre-set intervals.

Commercial RHI payments:

The whole building and system was assessed with all the new drawings and certificates these were given to our partner commercial RHI application team, the commercial RHI is now being paid quarterly to our client.


Boiler size: 2 x 200kw

Buffer size: 4 x 2250 LTRS

IMG_1808Installed: 2013

Boiler make; ETA Hack

Fuel: pellets

Fuel replaced: gas


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