Comercial Log Boiler

Herefordshire Commercial Log Boiler Complete Heating Solution.


200KW Log Boiler

200KW Log Boiler

Customer requirements: Remove inefficient oil boilers and convert all of the following to run from a central plant room from one large log boiler, a commercial shop outlet, business office premises, large farmhouse and future installations and to claim the commercial RHI payment on completion.

 Planned work: A plan of works was decided upon with the client, alongside the clients commercial electrical team and clients chosen commercial log boiler installer supplying company. The new heating system was installed into the commercial shop premises to supply blown warm air, the farmhouse was converted and the old oil boiler removed. A large plate heat exchanger was installed to satisfy both hot water and heating circuits, the office was given the same treatment and the oil boiler decommissioned. A pre insulated underground heating main was installed over 200 meters back to a separate plant room, heat meters were finally installed to comply with the commercial RHI scheme.
  Commercial RHI payments: The whole complex and system was assessed with all drawings and heat meter certificates, these were given to our partner commercial RHI application team for summation to the RHI application team and is now awaiting approval.  



Boiler size: 1 x 200kw Log boiler.

Buffer size: 5000 LTRS.

Installed: Summer 2014.

Fuel: Logs.

Fuel replaced: Oil & electricity.

Underground Main thermally Insulated

Underground Main Thermally Insulated.

180 Meters Of Underground thermally Insulated PIPE

180 Meters Of Underground Thermally Insulated PIPE

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