Domestic Ariterm Boiler 20KW

 Ariterm 20 KW Domestic Pellet Boiler.


20 KW Ariterm Boiler With Thermal Store & Hopper

20 KW Ariterm Boiler With Thermal Store & Hopper

Customer requirements; Install an energy efficient biomass boiler to replace electrical heating and hot water in a remote position with underground main to gain the domestic RHI.
Ariterm 2OKW Domestic Installation

Ariterm 20 KW Domestic Installation



System upgrade carried out; With the clients building complete the biomass boiler and thermal store were placed remotely with a seven day pellet store, the system is fully controlled and modulates automatically via the Ariterm pellet boiler to maintain the thermal stores temperature, an underground main was installed under a driveway to provide heating and hot water to the property controlled by the clients heating controls in the standard way  via a plate heat exchanger.



Domestic RHI payments. The whole building and system was assessed with drawings and green deal certificates carried out by our company these were given to the client, the domestic RHI is now being received  this year under the legacy scheme and paid quarterly to our client as of  October 2014.




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